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At the heart of learning is a good question. 

Are your learners bored?

Interactive Learning Modules

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Web Development

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Video & Infographics


tools are as diverse as the people that learn from them.


We ask questions to learn about you. We’ll help identify which solution works best for your learners and your organization.



We build

Interactive Learning Modules

Built using leading industry software, self-contained SCORM compliant modules can be deployed to an LMS or simply uploaded to the web for dynamic self-paced learning. Here’s our process:

Needs Assessment

The intersection of your learner demographics, desired outcomes, IT limitations and budget parameters define your project.  We find the sweet spot to balance these elements.


We’ll mine your current resources and work with subject matter experts to  storyboard your content in plain language, with rich interactivity, multi-media and assessment design.


Video, inforgraphics, assessment tools, web objects, and voice-overs will make your elearning rich and engaging. Working with industry partners we can facilitate specialized services.


A rigourous review and revision schedule throughout the process ensures that there are no gaps in your elearning. We’ll schedule thurough testing prior to launch to avoid hiccups.

We design

Websites for Education

We build using Joomla! WordPress and HTML5/CSS. Our services range from fully implemented Joomla and WordPress LMS sites with tracking, quizzing and registration to educational websites built to engage.

Student Management

You can manage your own course offerings and student registration without an LMS.  Avoid the pay-per-user fees that come with Cloud based subscription services.


Our web solutions can include tracking interactive quiz and survey information; badging and certification to motivate your learners; and online chat and discussion tools for collaborative learning.

Content Hub

Organize and filter your content to create toolkits and information hubs, delivered to your registrants based on user identity and course completion.

We create

Video & Infographics

A picture is worth a thousand words. Distill complex ideas into an effectively designed infographic, illustrated narrative or video format to combat information overload.


Record lectures or webinars to embed in your elearning.  Demonstrate hands-on techniques for product use or how-to videos for your website.


Provide orientation to new software systems for your employees with narrated and annotated screencasts.


Combine the power of narration, and graphic symbols with text in an RSA video or animation to illustrate an idea.


Explain complex processes or systems using a static or dynamic infographic both for print and online.

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